Evolution summary

Many would say the earth has been around for 3.8 billions years. Actually it has been around for more then that. It has been around for 4.5 billion years. That is a long time! Now, that makes me think how have thing changed over time. Well, one thing that i know that has changed are cell phones. The first cell phone was a wooden box like figure that you can use to connect with someone who is on the other line. You could use it like any other phone but you can’t carry it around. That takes me to the phones we have now. We have what is called a cell phone. Or what teens call today cells. We can send text messages, do our work, and even surf the web on these phones. They are also now very portable. All this change is called “Evolution”. Evolution is a change in different species. One example is Charles Darwin and his discovery. Darwin was twenty years old when he went on the Begal ship and sailed to the Galapagos Island in 1831. In the Galapagos Island there are 18 Islands in it. Darwin discovered that there are different species of animals and plants in those islands. He found out that it depends on the species habitat that they are created to look a certain way. He also discovered Natural Selection and Artificial Selection. He published his book in 1859.

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